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Eat dessert first

scooping homemade ice cream from tins into ice cream cones


Marc Flore smiling sitting in ice cream window

I got my first ice cream maker for Christmas in 2010. After making my first batch (vanilla) and licking the beaters I was hooked. It tasted fresh and clean. Not that other ice cream had ever struck me as stale or dirty. But the contrast was undeniable. After a few years of tinkering at home I was encouraged by friends & family to “do something” with ice cream. I haven’t lost my passion for creating and sharing what I love with those I love. Strangers become fast friends over a bowl of ice cream. I am thankful for the encouragement I’ve received from family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike. I’m looking forward to the next chapter in this journey.

 Ice cream flavors & ice cream scoops in cone


Churning fresh dairy with minimal additives really does taste different.

Creating and testing flavors has been an adventure. Sourcing fresh, quality ingredients is challenging, but it only invigorates my passion to create high-quality and delicious ice cream and gelato that is accessible to all.

maple walnut ice cream with mint leaves and almonds


Don't see something on our menu? Have an idea for a new flavor? Get creative and inspire us!

This is the story of my ice cream making journey as it unfolds and as it occurs to me. It is intertwined with family, friends and twisted roads. And like many other things may be half truth and half memory.

classic ice cream &gelato signs