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Love in the Name

Why Angelo’s Amore? And who is Angelo?

Amore is the Italian word for “love,” and Angelo was my dad, a full-blooded Italian, who loved his ice cream.

Angelo was obsessed with ice cream. And he was picky. His favorite flavor was cherry vanilla and they had to be Bing cherries or he wasn’t having any. None of that maraschino nonsense.

My dad, Angelo, holding me when I was young.

He had a freezer full of ice cream all year round. He ate it every day (as he was often heard bragging to anyone who would listen). He would often combine flavors and put fruit or Jello on top. He was unconventional and opinionated about his ice cream. Needless to say his passion for ice cream made a big impression on that well-dressed boy you see above.

One of my favorite memories growing up was weekend breakfasts when we’d make ice cream waffle sandwiches (I was a lucky kid). You make a waffle, put ice cream on top (black raspberry was a favorite of my sister and me) and fold it in half. Don’t press down too firmly or you’ll squish the waffle and the ice cream will ooze out the side. Eat it quickly or the ice cream will melt (which I happen to like). It’s heavenly and worth digging out your waffle iron.

Come taste ice cream (and gelato) inspired by Angelo and crafted with love. Mangia!

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