Mother's Day Thanks

My mom, a retired nurse, took care of me when I was sick. My mom learned my grandmother's gravy recipe so she could feed me like an Italian mother. She joined karate with me, falling in love with it herself and earning the titles of Sensei (teacher) and Godan (5th degree black belt). She taught me how to dust and checked my work.

Lately, my mom has been helping me paint and clean the parlor. She taught me about paint finishes, the importance of mixing paint and soaking brushes at the end of the day. She bought me supplies, braving the hardware store during the pandemic! She cleaned every surface with Pine-Sol, which she swears by. She arrived early and stayed late. I'm pretty sure she worked harder than me.

When I was obsessing about the color of the door frame she said, "It's only a door frame, you can always change it." That got me back on track. She offered her unsolicited opinion on many topics including furniture selection and arrangement, signage, menus, lighting, sinks (we have a lot of sinks) and so on... If you like the way it turned out, tell me when you see me or leave a comment on social media. If you don't, I'll give you her phone number so you can discuss where we went wrong.

I'm grateful to have such a wonderful mother who hasn't stopped helping and teaching me even though I'm an independent adult. I still have a lot to learn from her.

Thanks mom, you're the best! I owe you some ice cream.

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